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Makan Care Package in woven bamboo parcel (2 pax)

Send your love through a care package consisting of handmade local delights, perfect for two packed in a handmade woven bamboo parcel. Package consists of:
- 2 sets of Nasi Lemak Rendang (basmati rice, chicken rendang drumsticks, hard boiled egg, 2 sambals, caramelized ikan bilis peanut, condiments)
- 6 sticks of sate ayam
- Sayur lodeh side dish
- 10 pieces of handmade kueh (2 kueh dadar, 2 salat, 2 lapis sagu, 1 pulut inti, 1 bingka ubi, 1 lemper ayam, 1 lemper ebi)

Place order before 3pm for next day delivery or pickup (Tues closed). Not applicable for Baby Full Month boxes and limited edition products.

Each Set Contains These:

Chicken Rendang.
Basmati Rice (1 serving size).
Caramelized Peanuts & Ikan Bilis.
Lemper Ayam.
Sambal Ijo.
Sambal Belacan.
Sate Ayam.
Sayur Lodeh.
Kueh Dadar.
Kueh Lapis Sagu.
Kueh Bingka Ubi.
Lemper Ebi.
Bika Ambon.
Kueh Salat.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Kueh storage instructions

    Store at room temperature below 26 Degree Celsius, away from direct sunlight. To be consumed by 8pm of purchased date. If stored in refrigerator chiller section, rice base kueh should be re-steamed for 4-5 minutes to regain soft texture.

  • Hot food storage instructions

    To be consumed within 2 hours of receiving item. Remove items from thermal bags immediately upon receipt. Store in the chiller if it is to be consumed after 2 hours, and reheat according to the storage instructions provided.

  • Priority delivery

    Add $12 to have your food delivered sent directly from our kitchen in one hour slots. If you order hot food, you can ensure that your food is still warm when you select this option.

  • Pastries storage instructions

    Best consumed within the same day at room temperature to ensure softness of sponge and filling. Leftovers can be stored in the chiller for 2 days.

  • Delivery

    Orders below $60, $10 delivery charge applies (Time range: 1030am to 1230pm OR 430pm to 630pm)

    Free delivery for orders above $60, (Time range: 1030am to 1230pm OR 430pm to 630pm)

    Free priority delivery for orders above $100 (1 hour time range: 1030am to 7pm)

  • Baby One Month Box

    5 days advanced notice required. Submit high resolution photos to ensure clear pictures on baby tag